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Find GMO foods with my Grocery Planner filtering database tools

Millions of dollars have been spent trying to get GMO-labeling legislation passed! We've noticed Americans DO care to know what is in their foods!

My Grocery Planner puts the power BACK IN YOUR HANDS to vote for safe and healthier foods with your dollars.

With the myGroceryPlanner solution, YOU can now:

  • sort grocery store products by CONFIRMED GMO FREE
  • see the ingredients found in grocery store products
  • with your help.... there is more to come!

Speed Up's Mission:

We need Volunteers to help us enter data
(just a few thousand people entering a few hours of data and we could have massive data up and running over a weekend!).

(limited positions available in return for free memberships)


We also need financial support to help us quickly implement more features to help our members find what they CAN (and want to) eat.

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